How To Avoid Losing Things

Lost your car keys again? Everyone has gone through that frustrating moment when they lose things in a time when they really need it. You keep on finding it in every possible place and this sometimes makes others around you uncomfortable. So, to save time and energy, here are some tips by using name stickers that you could practice to avoid losing your things.

Label them
Gone are the days that you used to scribble your bags, books and shoes in a marker. Personalized name labels comes from different colors, shapes and sizes. You can buy them from shops, online or you can be more creative and make them at home. Make sure that your labels are waterproof, dishwasher safe and microwave safe according to the way it’s used.  Especially when you have small kids it’s a good method to keep them away from misplacing things by using kids name labels when they take them to school and bringing home others things.  Labeling is a smart and cheap way to lower the risk of mixing, losing and misplacing your things.

Say it loud
Note the things that you constantly forget and whenever you leave them somewhere just say it out loud to yourself or to someone near you. In case you forget where you keep them the person who listened you saying it out loud would be able to remind you. With practice you’ll be able to do this mentally too. Always make the best out of yourself to remember where you leave your things.

Organize your things
By this you’ll find it easy to find your things quickly and your work place will look neat and tidy. Label all your papers and pack them in files. Once again you can use personalized name labels for all your files, papers and boxes. You can also divide your cupboard to different sections like “house files”, “school documents” and “office files”. If you find it hard to keep them in mind you can also label the sections. Remember how they keep books in a library in different sections. So, if you have an idea of organizing your school books, novels and other type of books, take an idea from the library.

A place for everything
Give an appropriate place for all your things. Furthermore, you can even write a list of things that you often forget in your room and paste it in your wall to make things more easier for you and everyone. Keep things in the right place and tell everybody in your family to do so. This helps yourself as well as everybody around you to keep track of things and lower the risk of losing things.

Don’t rush
Do one thing at a time. When you rush things and when you tend to forget where you keep your things it’ll be hard for you to bring back them to your mind. This will lead to you to worry, stress and frustration. So to avoid all these ill feelings, work according to a routine and work with a clear mind.