Tips On Giving Your Kid Swimming Lessons

Swimming is an enjoyable sport regardless of age, gender or size. It is a talent that could be learnt with little effort. It is also a recommended sport that helps overcome certain diseases like wheezing and such. This is a sport that is never too early for learning. In fact the earlier the better! Here are a few tips when teaching swimming for kids, especially those that are below the age of 1;

Pick the right time

If you’re taking your baby swimming for the first time, then making sure you have chosen the right time for the lesson is important. Book the session for the toddlers and babies, it is one that is most suitable and safe as it is with the same crowd or group. While it really isn’t a problem that you choose any other time, it would be most convenient to choose a time with the professionals that handle the particular group. Visit this link for more info on baby swimming North Shore.

All ready and check

The time period you choose too should be in a manner that doesn’t conflict with your kid’s nap time or feeding time. Before you go make sure your child is properly fed with whatever necessaries and has had his or her nap hours ago. This shall help avoid any other additional inconveniences that may occur resulting in your baby feeling restless and irritated though out the entire time.

Right temperature

Making sure the pool water is of the right temperature is very important if your kid is no older than a couple of months or so. For children of 12 weeks the ideal temperature would be 30C and for those less than that, a temperature of 32C would be the best. This is important especially in order to avoid your child from becoming cold, weak and sick.

Shower first

Instead of jumping into the water at once it would be advisable to introduce water to your kid by taking a shower beforehand. This shall help overcome being overwhelmed of the situation from the beginning itself.

Go slow

Since this is the first time, taking things slow and steady is important. If he or she has a hard time on the first day then don’t push them into it. Take it slow and maybe try again on another day. Start from the corner of the pool, with a shallow end, slowly and step by step introduce them to the water, keeping them at arm’s length but maintaining steady eye contact, let them float around the water with your help and try adjusting to things.Let them splash around and play in the water. Let them enjoy it and it shall help eventually build their interest for the sport. Don’t forget that when you’re having fun, things just seem easier and greater, and that is the key for the success in anything!